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Acceptable Use Policy
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Privacy Policy
What do we do with your info?

Gryphyn Media Guarantee
30-Day Money Back, if you are unsatisfied.

Billing Policies
Ways to pay and invoiced.

Customer Service Policy

The hosting industry generally lacks personal service. Everyone is a number, literally. So, we make an effort to find who you are, what your hosting needs are now and in the .future, and what sort of technical skills you have. That allows us to make the best possible recommendations to you, and to make sure we provide you will all the information you need in a form you can digest.

Our first contacts with you are our best chance to do that, both to make a good first impression you and to make sure you are buying the right hosting solution from us. We aren’t just being nosey… we want to know how to provide you with the right level of service. It also helps us develop new features that might benefit you.

We send out regular newsletter and announcements to keep you up-to-date on your options and responsibilities. We tell you what we think you should be paying attention to, where we see other hosting clients having trouble that you can avoid. We explain the things that made your eyes glaze over.

We may go look at your website occasionally and send you specific recommendations… we don’t want you to miss out on features you may already be paying for but not using. And, we think an informed client is a happy client. You can’t make decisions without knowing all the options.

All that info… we keep to ourselves. The link to our privacy policy is above, but we want to emphasize that we do not share your info with other people. We want to know how to help you, not gossip about you. That wouldn’t be very trustworthy of us… and trust is important in hosting. You trust us to keep you functioning, we trust you not to do naughty things with your account privileges.

We aren’t going to label this our “Customer Relationship Management System.” It’s just good for us and good for you. We hope you get to know us, too. Feel free to offer suggestions, criticisms, and compliments… It helps us know when we are doing the right thing, as well as the thing that annoys the heck out of you.