Most of our hosting services are billed annually. You pay once a year. Support packages, custom work, and other services will be billed as appropriate.

Three Ways To Pay

1. PayPal
We like PayPal. It helps keep our prices reasonable.

  • No messing around with monthly payments. No credit card rebilling problems, or forgetting to update your account information. And it helps keep our costs down by reducing both administrative labor and transaction costs.
  • You will never be “automatically” rebilled. We will send an email invoice well in advance of your payment date.
  • We never have your credit card information. It stays with PayPal.

2. Credit Card By Phone

We take credit cards directly by phone and enter the data directly into our processor’s system for immediate processing. We never use the info more than once, and only for the specific amount you agree to on the phone. We do not store it anywhere in our systems, online, or off. NEVER email or fax us your CC info. We prefer to speak directly to you, to minimize the chance of data theft or credit card fraud. We will need to know the maling address where the card is billed.

3. Payment by Check
We prefer PayPal. But if you cannot use PayPal, we will accept a check by mail. We may wait for your check to clear before we buy domains for you or enable your hosting account. We regret the appearance of distrust, but we’ve had problems. Once we get to know you and your prompt payment habits, we may relax that restriction. The hosting industry does not generally have a “Net 30” billing policy… it is payment-in-advance. Here’s how:

  • Just email us your domain information and we will generate an invoice to email or FAX for you to print out.
  • You need not wait for us to invoice you… use the PayPal shopping cart to figure your total bill… then just pop that check right in the mail to us:
    Gryphyn Media, 598 Markley St. Port Reading, NJ 07064.
  • You may also send us a money order. Money orders are available at most US Post Offices. But you must send or fax us a copy of your driver’s license the first time you pay by money order. We must be able to verify that you are over 18 years of age to give you a hosting account; persons under 18 yeas of age must have an adult accept responsibility and control of the account. A purchase is a contract; we cannot legally make a contract with a minor.

Paying for a Client’s Accounts
If you are a web developer setting up an account for a client, give some thought to how payment is made. We believe the person who pays is our client. If you have the client pay for hosting, and they fire you, don’t ask us for the new passwords. On the other hand, if your client takes forever to send us a check, the project is delayed. Make sure your client is prepared to either use PayPal or send a check with some speed.

The person named as a domain registrant owns the domain name. We always recommend making the client the registrant; since they are paying for the website we feel they should have control of the domain. Review our privacy policy… we will respect your proprietary info, and even sign a Nondisclosure Agreement where suitable.

Non-US Clients
Due to an increase in fraudulent payments, we reserve the right to refuse service and payments from from non-US buyers. We will accept most payments from Canada, Australia, and the UK, but are increasingly forced to refuse payments from other countries. PayPal will also refuse transactions from certain countries… that is out of our control. We will make special arrangements for international payment, but we require an extra level of documentation from you. We can only communicate in English. Contact us for details.

Why We Work With PayPal
Some of our customers have asked why we built our hosting service with PayPal as the only online transaction engine. We believe PayPal has created the safest, easiest-to-use, and most cost effective platform for businesses and individuals to send and receive money. Accordingly, it is our belief that this kind of payment method will become ever more prevalent in coming years.

Advantages for Buyers

Advantages for Merchants

PayPal offers ease and flexibility, accepting all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), as well as all major debit cards and direct transfers from your bank account. You control your account. bought PayPal at the end of 2002. Use of PayPal on eBay by auction merchants and buyers contributed mightily to the growth of PayPal. eBay makes PayPal familiar and comfortable for millions of customers that might otherwise be nervous about credit card use on the Internet.

You are using the same buying platform over and over… you become familiar with it. It is designed for online use, unlike most bank cards. No one but PayPal has your bank account or credit card info, so your money is safer.

PayPal offers one of the safest platforms for online commerce with fraud rates at a fraction of those of typical e-commerce offerings. Buyers and merchants establish a “track record” over time, and can be “verified” by postal mail and banking authentication. That reassures both buyers and merchants (who bear the burden of fraudulent transactions).

PayPal is free for buyers.

PayPal offers low merchant rates with no set up or monthly fee, no holdback, and a chargeback fee lower than most merchant banks. You can also access your money within 3-4 days by sweeping it into your bank account, or instantly with a PayPal Debit card, or by using the money to pay your bills. Compare that to a merchant credit card account that sends you a check once or twice a month.

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